I think it’s safe to say we all want what’s best for our families. My husband and I suffered two pregnancies losses, followed by what has so far been a successful pregnancy (yayy baby!), all within one year. I had doctors throwing pain pill prescriptions at me, people offering kind words, prayers, and advice, and really anything you can imagine people think you need during that time. I was interested in my overall health before I found out about my pregnancies, but having serious complications put everything into full perspective. I am a full time RN and back in school full time to get my BSN, so my time is limited and being pregnant with so many responsibilities I find myself frequently exhausted. With that being said, I still try to manage my lifestyle in a holistic way as much as possible. Due to limited time and my love for a salty bag of chips, I fail A LOT, but I get back up and try again. I’m not a 5 star chef, I’m not going to be on the next HGTV episode for my crafting abilities, and I’m definitely not going to have any of my preschool quality pictures published somewhere for all of the world to see, but I’m out here trying to make the most of the talent my God gave me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my little fam and me as we take on our journey!