I Want Your Holiday Traditions!

Growing up, we had holiday traditions but I didn’t realize they were traditions until I was older. I always thought, “It’s how we’ve always done it.” The biggest holiday with traditions that I remember are Christmas.

Here’s what I remember:

1) We always used the stockings my Aunt Kaye made for us. They were beautiful and fun!

2) Christmas Eve was always at Grandmother and Sonny’s house. They would always prepare a fun dinner and we would open gifts with music playing in the background.

3) We would come home and open our gifts from our parents and my mom and dad would exchange gifts.

4) We would go home and scrounge around for cookies to leave out for Santa. And SOMETIMES we were even prepared enough to bake some. 😂

5) Christmas morning was for Santa presents and then we would go to Nana and Pawpaw’s and eat either lunch or dinner that they prepared. Most of the time my aunt, uncle, and cousins were there for food, but we ALWAYS waited for them to open gifts. It was so fun.

Then we moved from MS to FL and a lot of things changed, but a few remained the same: Christmas Eve was for gifts from Mom and Dad; Santa came on Christmas morning; and we used the stocking Aunt Kaye made.

Fast forward to the Christmas before Sam and I got married. I’ve always LOVED How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I love the book, the movies, anything to do with it. For whatever reason I asked my mom to buy me the book for Christmas that year so she did. I soaked up everything about that Christmas because I knew it was the last one I’d have with my parents before Sam and I started our own things. With that being said, I asked my mom to read the book to me on Christmas Eve while I laid in bed going to sleep. The crazy lady read that book to me at 21 years old. 😂😂 I love that memory so much that Sam reads that book to me every Christmas Eve.

Since Sam and I got married we’ve started a few of our traditions. They include:

1) Like previously mentioned, he reads me How the Grinch Stole Christmas every Christmas Eve.

2) We use Christmas stockings that were given to us by his Aunt Diana. Sam has used his since he was born, I was gifted mine when we got married, and we were gifted on for Ezra and Campbell. I believe she even made some of them herself.

3) Our first Christmas as a married couple, we attended the Christmas Eve service at our church. I never thought about what we would do for dinner that night (#newbrideprobs) and I knew I couldn’t let my poor husband go home and eat a sandwich on Christmas Eve, so we swung through the Popeye’s drive through by our house and ordered regular and spicy fried chicken. We have continued this tradition every Christmas Eve. I absolutely love it because it reminds me of “simple times”.

4) Every year since we started dating, we squeeze into a car with us, Josh, and Alli and go look at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate with Bailey’s. Whoever is driving or pregnant at the time is the poor unfortunate soul to get just straight up hot chocolate.

Now that we have kids, I want to do more fun traditions! Let me hear your fun traditions! What do you and your family do to celebrate the holidays?

3 thoughts on “I Want Your Holiday Traditions!

  1. Amanda Lane says:

    We always got to open one present on Christmas Eve. We always got pajamas and each of us got our favorite candy, popcorn, and hot chocolate in our box. And we all got one Christmas movie. There were four of us. We would then all get in our pajamas and watch our movie before we went to bed to prepare for Santa to come. We would put the milk and cookies out after the movie. We would wake up and get our presents from Santa and mom and dad. Our big present always came from Santa as well as our stocking. The rest came from mom and dad. Christmas was simple and not too much which really made it exciting bc we didn’t have much so when we did get presents it was so exciting. I can truly say that those were definitely the good ole days. I carry that tradition with me now.

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  2. Taylor Campbell says:

    Christmas Eve we give Kadyn one present to open and it’s always Christmas Pajamas for him to wear to bed that night and a Christmas Movie😊 we usually decorate Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve too!
    Taylor Campbell 🙂

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  3. Angie Rhinehart says:

    Your kiddos are still a bit too young but each of our kids gets a box and they have to fill it with toys to donate that they don’t want. We then go donate them together.
    We do Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve and each kid gets an ornament on Christmas that signifies something they liked or did that year.
    Lastly, we watch A Nativity Story on Christmas Eve. It’s fun to make new traditions when you are starting your own family.

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