Third Trimester Workout Plan

Ok, so many of you have asked what kind of workouts I’ve been doing or what’s safe to do during pregnancy. First of all, ask your doctor because they know you’re situation better than any personal trainer, mom, know-it-all, etc. But for those of you who have asked what I’ve been doing, here it goes:

  • Attempt to get out of bed 17 times before succeeding. This involves rolling over pillows, husband, and dogs. Great on the abs.
  • Squat down to pet my dog only to fall over. This happens multiple times a day. Great full body workout.
  • Try to put on tennis shoes everyday that I work. This takes multiple attempts before success is achieved. Also great on the abs, side bonus=back workout.
  • THIS ONE IS THE MONEY MAKER: Getting shirts out of the bottom dresser drawer. Be sure to follow step-by-step!! 1) Get in side-lying position at the end of the bed. 2) reach out whichever arm you prefer to pull the drawer open with. 3) pull super hard on said drawer and BOOM you’ve got a shirt. Great on the obliques and arm muscles. Be sure to swap out sides everyday to ensure muscle evenness.
  • Attempt to breath without sounding like a stage-IV COPD patient. Need I say more?
  • Squat over public restroom toilet. The added belly weight is great on the bum and legs.
  • Eating a meal without throwing up. I mean really, this is just as great as a brain game as it is a workout.
  • Learning to control peezing (sneezing and peeing): great on the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Shave legs twice a week. It’s not a world record, folks, but this twice a week workout is also great on the back and abs.

THIS IS JUST A START! Please do not feel limited to this workout. There are many ways to workout during pregnancy. If you need any assistance with said workouts, please feel free to reach out to me and I can upload some vids or something.

**This is not for the weak. Please consult a physician or midwife before attempting workout. User discretion advised.

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